Forbidden Art

The Russian Orthodox church has gone all jihad. Gangs of altar boys on the rampage, defacing things, old ladies spitting on people. Why? Art, that's why, inciting religious hatred, like this:

Wait, Mickey Mouse? Yeah, kids get jumbled up ideas, hearing about Jesus and Mickey and Santa. Some kid out there probably pictures the Last Supper just this way. Santa on the Cross, too. It's accurate social commentary, plus it's cute, so naturally these old fuddies want to send the curator up the river.

Orthodox in Russia, Jews in Israel, Baptists in the US, everybody gots crazies. This lot is making death threats, just like South Park got. They

“threatened him in court and told him to remember the fate of "Caution: Religion!" curator Anna Alchuk. After she moved to Berlin, her body was found floating in the Spree River in 2008. German police said Alchuk most likely killed herself, but her husband blamed her death on persecution she faced as a result of the exhibit.”
Sounds like they've already got a Theo Van Gogh on their rap sheet. If we can learn one thing from the Middle East, it's don't let these people get in charge of anything. Laugh at them.

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Ralf Muschall said...

Than for informing us about Anna Altchuk. I didn't know about her despite she lived in Germany. I found an interview with her husband Mikhail Ryklin (made in 2006, with a link to the german original) at http://www.signandsight.com/features/999.html.