Respect for Hallowed Ground

All the people that are frantic that the government Not Tread On them are just now in a frenzy that the government order people what to do with their private property in New York.

You know, that city that in September of 2001 magically changed from a disgusting pit of fruity liberal snobs into “Hallowed Ground”.

Especially the 9/11 site, which emits beams of holiness that prevent a body from building anything at all unless it's a hallowed monument to the hallowed memory of that hallowed event at that hallowed spot.

It's sacred and holy (and hallowed) as the final resting place of Our Fellow Americans who deserve to lie undisturbed for eternity.

Like the 10,000 members of the Lenape tribe, Our Fellow Americans that the Dutch killed and built New York City over. Like the forty Rappinger who died, at the foot of Grand street on the Lower East Side, in the Pavonia Massacre, the first act of genocide in the New World, which is a fairly significant event. Their heads anyway, that they brought back from the main massacre across the river in Jersey to play football with in the fort at New Amsterdam, so I suppose now the US Customs House sits on Hallowed Ground? Then there's the 20,000 African (muslim) slaves whose graves are just now being located down under the City.

Jersey City, with the headless bodies, must be Hallowed Ground, too, and the mouth of the Mystic River, and Sand Creek and Wounded Knee and hell there might not be an acre of Unhallowed Ground in this whole damn country.

If history is any example, a fitting monument on a site where Our Fellow Americans died seems to be a Wal-Mart.

Or is it only “Hallowed Ground” when white people die on it?

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