Metaphor Derails, Kills Thousands

(2:171) The semblance of the infidels is that of a man who shouts to one that cannot hear more than a call and a cry. They are deaf, dumb and blind, and they fail to understand.

If he's dumb he can't shout, so it's the guy he's shouting at that is DD&B & can't understand. IOW, infidels are like somebody who shouts at people who are DD&B etc. Kind of dumb to shout at them, but then I've been known to shout at my my dog, computer, other drivers ....

On the other hand, those non-infidels don't come off looking too good. Who would infidels be shouting at? Non-infidels. Muslims: and muslims can't hear, can't see, can't understand. Is this really what you want to say, Mohammed?

The semblance of the koran is that of a book that uses Mad Libs to make similes.


PersonalFailure said...

The semblance of infidels is that of squirrels that defenestrate zombies to make pudding.

See, can too write a sura like it!

Uzza said...

LOL, you win the prize.