Just some random things in chapter 2 that shall forever remain mysteries (unless you can explain them).
(2:141) Or do you claim that Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and their offspring were Jews or Christians? Say: "Have you more knowledge than God?" Who is more wicked than he who conceals the testimony he received from God?
Yeah, I claim that. WTF? The Tribe of Israel weren't Jews? What the hell were they, Eskimos?
(2:53) Remember, We gave Moses the Book and Discernment of falsehood and truth, that you may be guided.
I counted seventeen times in this chapter when he mentions they had a book for guidance, so WTF
(2:170) ... they reply: "No, we shall follow only what our fathers had practiced," -- even though their fathers had no wisdom or guidance!
God kinda contradicts hisself there.

LOL----what color is god?

(139) "We have taken the colouring of God; and whose shade is better than God's?"



Wtf?? what's this culinary advice doing in this paragraph?
(168) And the followers will say: "Could we live but once again we would leave them as they have abandoned us now." God will show them thus their deeds, and fill them with remorse; but never shall they find release from the Fire. O men, eat only the things of the earth that are lawful and good. Do not walk in the footsteps of Satan, your acknowledged enemy.
(169) He will ask you to indulge in evil, indecency, and to speak lies of God you cannot even conceive.
The next two lines are totally unrelated. 170's up above there and 171's that crackhead metaphor in the last post. He starts on food after that ...
(172) O believers, eat what is good of the food We have given you, and be grateful to God, if indeed you are obedient to Him.
(173) Forbidden to you are carrion and blood, and the flesh of the swine, bla bla more about food...
This is where that 'eat' sentence belongs, so why isn't it there? This happens in the koran. Sentences get lost and wander around aimlessly, until a new paragraph finds them and takes them in.

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