is where I'll be for the next couple of weeks. Not likely to have internet access out there, so don't expect new posts. I'm getting on a plane this afternoon and going there to celebrate. Remember Beethoven, my little buddy ? Well I just had a final test to see if he is really all gone. His malignant liddle soul is R.-ing In P., but he may have left a piece of himself behind, us being so close and all. Or he may have left minions, scads of junior beethovens lurking inside me, readying a terrible symphony of doom. Or maybe I'm all cured and recuperated. Still can't play the piano, as far as I know--haven't tried.

The CATs scanned me and meowed their opinions to the sawbonsai, (plural of sawbones, yo) who will examine goat entrails or whatever for a couple of weeks, then declassify the results and release them to the public, meaning me. Meanwhile I'm fixing to celebrate with a backpack trip, get lost in the wilderness for a while, be content with life. Did I mention how all recuperated I was? Yay, me.

When I get back I'll have to resume life: get a job, earn a living, all that stuff. No happy ending to this story, no sir. By then I should know the outcome of all this drama and hopefully I won't be able to milk it for any more sympathy, so I'll let you know with one more post. Wish me luck, and a happy trip. And eat your heart out.


Kompani said...

Have a good holiday.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and holiday!


Lance Cross said...

Hope you're having a good time. Looks like rattlesnake territory. Be careful :-)