What Color are Cows?

Go read Kafirgirl. Do it right now. She blogged about this chapter and she's hilarious. She talks about the magic cow, too, and in her story the cow is YELLOW.

Wait, What?

My cow was brown. Fawn-colored, actually, from the Yusuf Ali translation. Some translators say brown, some say yellow. Some say whatever matches your ensemble. Ahmed Ali covers all the bases:

2:69 ... "a fawn coloured cow, rich yellow, well pleasing to the eye."
Fawns aren't yellow, but what the hell. Maybe old Ahmed is color-blind.

I found two translators that say fawn-colored, and seven others that say yellow. Sher Ali says 'dun', and Palmer agrees, “dun, intensely dun” says he. Arberry says golden, and George Sale says 'red, intensely red'. Nobody said purple. As to Yusuf Ali, some sources show him saying fawn-colored, others give yellow. How can one guy's translation be different depending on who you ask?

Yusuf Ali (2:69) ... she is a yellow cow; her color is intensely yellow, (Online Quran Project)
Yusuf Ali (2:69) ... A fawn-coloured heifer, pure and rich in tone," (Wikilivres)
These guys can't even keep a simple thing like this straight, and they expect us to take them seriously? At least there's nobody trying to breed a reddish dun golden yellow fawn-colored cow so they can blow up the world.

As far as I know.


PersonalFailure said...

But I want a pink cow!

Geds said...

I never saw a purple cow
And I guess I'll never see one
But I can tell you this right now
I'd rather see than be one



Hannah said...

There are actually light yellow cars in Pakistan/China - woul it be possible if they existed they became extinct>