Muslim Terror

Last week, an Islamic terrorist walked into a Pennsylvania gym and opened fire indiscriminately, killing four and wounding nine before killing himself.

In this latest Muslim suicide attack, George Sodini, 48, a member of the gym, used four handguns to fire at least 36 shots at other members. Police do not believe he targeted anyone personally. He expressed hatred for infidels, in an online diary and blog, blaming them for his own problems and the ills of world.

"He just had a lot of hatred in him, and he was hell bent on committing this act," said police.

He stopped attending religious services after a confrontation, but he wrote, “This guy teaches (and convinced me) you can commit mass murder, then still go to heaven.”

How many more Americans must die before people wake up? This is a War! Muslims kill and terrorize US citizens, spread fear, restrict our activities, take away our freedoms. We can't afford apathy! We absolutely must carry the fight to them, invade their countries, eliminate them wherever we find them. We can't afford not to mobilize our entire nation, reorganize our government, compromise our ideals, bankrupt our country, ...

Wait—I read it wrong. He wasn't a Muslim, he was a Misogynist. He hated females, not infidels.

Sorry, my bad. I thought it was something to get upset about, but it's just a another guy killing some women. No terror. Nothing unusual. Never mind.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what your point is with this one.

uzza said...

point is to contrast two ideologies and our responses: wild-eyed panic for the lesser, and for the greater, acceptance as normal.
In this country:
Islamism rarely kills anyone, and chances of becoming a victim are near zero.
Misogynism kills 1200 Americans a year, and chances of becoming a victim are about one in four.

Who are the terrorists?