Mohammed's Bad Year

I figured out the reason Mohammed's shit's been so lame lately. The last dozen or so chapters, really all the Late Mecca Period, the ones that have so been repetitious and boring, cover the years 619-622. Well shit, in 619 his wife died. When you've been married for 24 years, you're not gonna do your best work right after the funeral, even if you're a misogynist pig. So I'll cut old Mo some slack.

And that's not all of it. Moslems call this the year of sorrow, because the rich uncle that was protecting him, Abu Talib, he died too. Mohammed lost his Sugar Mommy and his Don Corleone in one swoop. Now he has to live on his own, hardly any followers, he's pissed off everybody in town and nobody has his back in case they decide to open a can of whoop-ass. No wonder his preaching sucked.

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PersonalFailure said...

Cut a brother some slack, yo!