Mohammed Gets Stoned

(Trippin' to Ta'if)

I'm probably an asshole, but I think this is pretty funny. Mohammed was having a tough time getting any converts in Mecca, so in 620 he gave up on it. He went to Ta'if, whch is about 50 miles away, and tried preaching there. Not only did they not listen, they ran him out of town and threw rocks at him. Seriously, they “pelted him with stones”. LULZ!

Ok, I've got a twisted sense of humor, but this is one story you won't hear from the Mohammedans when they go on about how perfect and wonderful their old prophet was. Makes him look like just another nut case, hmmmm?

The story even has a sequel. On the way back, he was naturally depressed and shit. Who wouldn't be, I mean, ten years shot in the ass and nothing to show for it? So he holed up and did some rethinking. In his case that means he's spraying to the lard, and guess what happens? No angels this time, instead a whole audience of Jinns turn up. He sees them listen in rapt attention as he preaches; sees them embrace his message; hears them cheer, feels them lift him to surf the crowd; he is vindicated by their squealing adoration; he autographs their panties.

Projection much? There's nothing like imaginary friends when you're feeling down, but c'mon. We saw this jinn bit in ch 72, but that was supposed to be revealed back the Mid-Mecca period, years ago, so WTF? It tells the story again in ch46, and the details don't match, so some people claim it's two different events. Whatever; it's just mo rationalizing, but the whole thing strikes me as kind of hilarious.


PersonalFailure said...

What was he eating out there in the desert?

uzza said...

Not Crow, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Amazing the sort of nuts that make it to the level of deity in this world of ours.