Believe the Unknown

Chapter 2:3

God likes people

(3) Who believe in the Unknown

Ah, but do we believe in the known unknowns or the unknown knowns or the unknown unknowns? The arabic word is ghaib, 'unseen'.

I found a detailed explanation of this here. In thousands of words, it says it's against the Quran to believe in the 'unseen'.(!!!!) I had to give up on it when synapses began exploding and axons ran screaming into dark corners to lie curled in the fetal position, sobbing. I am far stupider for having read that, but I did learn a new word in my research:


 /ˈbæfəlˌgæb/ -noun.

confusing or generally unintelligible jargon; gobbledegook.

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Lorena said...

Happy for you that you learned a new word. It is too convoluted for my ESL brain, but I may remember the word if I attach a picture to it.

For instance, bafflegab = bunch of Pentecostals speaking in "Tongues."

The "gab" part may give my slightly dislexic brain some trouble.