Writers Block

Why no posts for a long time? Did I die? Is it The Return of Beethoven? Have I become a believer? No man, the next chapter is 236 verses long! I'm frozen in terror!

Besides, I'm trying to figure out Mo's Magical Mystery Move to Medina.


PersonalFailure said...

It helps if you realize Mo was the original owner of the Mysterymobile.

uzza said...

AAARRRRGGHH! Don't say Mystery Mobile! I have an old forward-control model van, and I'm ready to paint it, and I like blue colors, and all I get are sniggly comments about Scooby Doo and his Gawddamn Van. Since I'd never watched the show, was blindsided; you expect comments when you drive a classic car, but comparing it to a fucken cartoon dog is not quite what I aim at. Jeez. MM is a dirty word around here: and no humming the Scooby theme song when you walk past my car.

OTOH, he's a kinda cute dog. I watched some episodes the other day, and saw how popular it is, and maybe it's best to just embrace it. But I AIN'T painting my van like the MM, no matter how many other people do.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you're trying to figure out Mo's magical mystery move to Medina? It's simple, the dope finally got so sick of being ignored he signed some kind of mutual alliance pact with Mecca's biggest enemies and essentially proclaimed himself and his followers to be in open (and of course) armed rebellion against the Meccan authorities. So they came to arrest Mo's seditious ass and he had to slip out the back Jack a few hours ahead of the authorities and amscray off to safety in Medina with just the close on his back. Poor Medinans! They had just had some big civil war sort of dust up and Mo, great man of peace that he was, offerred to mediate the end of hostilities, so the Medinans invited him in. Poor, poor Medinans.

uzza said...

That's pretty darn accurate.