Put the Cuffs on Jeanie

The Koran's in the news again. And guess what? It's something stupid again. This time a family in Saudi Arabia is taking a Genie to court. Seriously, they they filed a lawsuit against an unidentified (duh) djinn! Looking this up I stumbled over another case, this time it's Djinns who set fires.

If you're dumb enough to believe the koran is the Word of God®, then you'll have to believe in Jinns, because they're all over it like flies on cowpies. They even have their own chapter. We just saw how Mohammed used a Djinn story to buck himself up after the Ta'ifans kicked his ass.

Maybe it makes sense in Arabia. This is a country that's named after the ruling family after all, like if we called this Bush America. Justice isn't just blind there, she's on powerful hallucinogens. Imaginary beings get imaginary justice in imaginary courts, sure. But it's not just Arabia, here's what a commenter on RichardDawkins.net had to say about the lawsuit.

“I checked the news with Arabic sources and they all confirm the story. I know that everyone is probably dying of laughter but this stuff is being taken very seriously in the Middle East. I just showed the piece of news to my dad whilst laughing and he went all out crazy on me "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING BOY?! This could happen to us!” He ends with “The gap of knowledge between me and my dad's generation is incredibly staggering.”

The new generation needs to quit getting their “knowledge” from second hand old Babylonian rumors. And before we get all holier-than-them, remember 55% of Americans believe in angels. Somebody needs to knock these old stories down off their pedestal, so we can all see how silly they are, and laugh at them. Just doing my part. Yer welcome.


PersonalFailure said...

I'm going to start suing angels. Maybe I didn't want to be saved from that accident. You ever think of that, Gabriel?

Unrepentant said...
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Lorena said...

Beyond bizarre! Doesn't the fact that they won't be able to apprehend such criminal and that he won't be able to pay any damages bring home his inexistence?