What's God?

So, ... the koran keeps telling me all about god. The Mo-men tell me it wrote a book, the Jesus people tell me it has a son. The atheists say it doesn't exist, the Hindus say it has different forms. Well, I have a question.

What is it?

What the fuck IS god, anyway?


Kompani said...

That's one hell of a question..........can't wait for the answer.

PersonalFailure said...

i work in a law office, where everything is quite literally copied in triplicate, including phone messages. i regularly print out online material so lawyers can "look at it later" (because the intertubes might just go away).

i greatly fear that god is a tree.

AtheistExile said...

The 2 largest religions in the world are Abrahamic religions. Most people are speaking of the Abrahamic God/Allah. Your point is taken, though. Instead of running down a list of god definitions, I assume my audience relates to the Abrahamic God. Said God is The Creator and intimately interested in your every thought and deed -- especially your sex life. He's a personal God . . . too personal.

If I lived in India, I might be speaking to a Hindu audience. If I lived in Thailand, I'd probably be speaking to a Buddhist audience.

In most of the world, you can assume we're speaking of an Abrahamic God. Context should be able to inform you.