Mohammed's Rough Draft

46:29 brings up the jinns again, that we saw in ch72. I just can't take this serious:

BWAAHAHAHA, those pagans are so STOOPID!

They think there is one main supernatural being over everything, called Hubal. What a joke! They're too DUMM to see that Allah is the one supernatural being over everything. Those morons think there's lesser spirits that run errands for this 'Hubal', like deliver messages like the angel Jibril did for Mohammed. They even give some of their made-up spirits names, like 'Lat', and 'Uzza', and 'Manat'—and get this, think they're more powerful than other gods and goddesses, the way Jibril and Iblis are more powerful than the other Jinns and Angels. I can't stop laughing. What a bunch of saps those pagans are!

And they do really idiotic stuff. Like, they think their gods live in some certain place, so they'll go clear across the country to go kiss some special black rock or something. They go around reciting prayers to protect themselves, cause they think their gods bring bad luck sometimes, you know, like Jinns do. Other times they think their lesser gods and goddesses are good and help people, as if they were angels or something. It's just too pathetic! Thanks be to Allah, I don't believe in any ridiculous stuff like that!

Huh! All you did was change the names: Hubal—>Allah, ...

What?! Blasphemy!

...Lat, Manat, & Uzza, —> Jibril & Iblis ...


... lesser gods & goddesses—>angels & jinns ...



Anonymous said...

At the time of your death you will see the Angel of Death. Then you will have no escape from Allah. Not that you ever did...but thats another story... Remember Allah has no faults...the Perfect Being!

uzza said...

Way to miss the point, moron.