Awful Nawful

OH NOES, I may have changed the fate of the whole world! Somebody came saying they had seen a vision and asked my input, so I talked about how the human mind is capable of producing these kinds of experiences bla bla bla. D'ya spose I screwed up?

When Mohammed had his little episode in the cave, he went looking for advice too. (Well first he ran and hid under the covers like a pussy, and then he asked his wife, but then SHE took him to ask for advice, from her cousin.) This guy, Waraqa ibn Nawfal, was a bible thumper, and the dumb shit told Mohammed it wasn't any evil spirit he'd seen, it was the actual Angel Gabriel, and that Mo was a real Prophet. We all know how that turned out. But what if his Nawful advice had been better? He couldn't say “Seek therapy!” in those days, but what if he'd said "just chill, quit hanging out in caves, try to act normal". We could have been spared 15 centuries of religious wars. What a prick.

Maybe if I had told my friend they'd really been visited by Gawd, they'd've gone out and preached a new religion, and changed history. Darn!


Anonymous said...

u idiot, u hve no idea wat ur on 'bpit! stupid goat. think be4 you rite.

uzza said...

I do, I do. I think about how to spell.