Poverty Is Fun!

Muslims should be careful not to value the things of this world, because

What is the life of this world but play and amusement?” (6: 32).

Tell that to your average single mother ... asshole. This from a guy with a sugar mommy, who could afford to wander around preaching for ten years without working for a living. Eat shit, Mohammed.


PersonalFailure said...

Poverty is neat- as long as you're not the poor one.

HolyDude said...

Oh man! What a pic! And what a story!
As a parallel, Christianity seems to over-glorify abject privations. Mother Teresa - despite her saintly impulses - loved poverty as much as she loved the poor. Suffering is a way to exalt God because the path to God is purported to be through suffering.

Twisted logic when you consider the enormous wealth the Vatican commands.

I suppose such twisted outlook is very useful when you need to brainwash people dangerous and painful undertakings like suicide-bombings.

uzza said...

From everything I've seen Mother T liked to see other people suffering. When it came her turn she sought out the best medical care money could buy. She was evil.

Cyrus Rumi said...

A very distressing picture...it does raise the philosophical question of what role suffering and evil plays in the assumption of a kind, merciful and benevolant God/gods of the sciptures...

You have an interesting blog.

Cyrus Rumi