The Essence of the Quran

The last 'Middle' and first 'Late' Meccan chapters are really all one long one, but it's split up into suras 40-46. It's called the Ha Mim group, cuz they all start with the same first lines “H. M.” Wooo, mysterious. According to the Hadith, “Everything has an essence, and the essence of the Qur’an is the family of Ha Mim”. We already covered one of these, ch42, and it basically doesn't say anything, so you could say the koran is like one of those really fluffy bagels with nothing inside but air. But not as tasty.

Cliff Notes:

40: People that don't believe Mo will go to hell, as usual.
41: ″
42: ″
43: ″
44: ″
45: ″
46: ″

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