Halfway Done

Yay us! We've blogged our way through just over half the Koran. 52%; 59 suras out of 114. Verse-wise, we've looked at about 3500, with another 2500 to go. That's no small feat. If this were a High School assignment half the class would be dropouts by now, or suicides. All you commenters get big heapy heaps of gratitude for keeping me going.
We're at the year 620. The last thirty chapters were revealed over the past two years, the Middle Meccan period. In the next two years, 620-622, Mo lays another 26 Suras on us, the Late Mecca group. Whoo, I can't wait.


HolyDude said...

Hang in there.... the hardship will pass (unless you pass out first).

Anonymous said...

Great work.
Your intention to help rid the people of the world of their dangerous delusions is admirable. But don't let it be the driving force in your life. Trust me. I read the Bible, Bhagavad-Gita and 44 suras of the Quran until I ended up seriously depressed. My mind simply couldn't accept that so many outwardly sane appearing people believed such ludicrous lies, stupidity and contradictions.
Take regular breaks from your studies and do whatever makes you feel mentally refreshed, read a great novel, see a funny movie, love and be loved. Don't devote too much time to this, it isn't good for your long term mental health. You'll almost certainly end up narcissistic. It's hard not to feel superior when you are rational and 'they' are believers. Don't ever give up your rationality though and always argue with the deluded. There is no thrill quite like seeing that little look in their eyes the moment you've introduced doubt to their previously unshakable faith. I've converted about a dozen or so to the dark side :-) and those moments have been wonderful, but the cost has been spending the better part of my life angry and confounded with their blind stupidity.

uzza said...

Thanks for the advice, and concern. I'm afraid my intentions are not so honorable as to change anyones' mind, I'm just seeing what's in the book. It gets depressing all right, but if they make me all angry then they win, hmmm? Better is laffing.