You Have to Look at the Context!

Personal Failure, a really smart person with like the best blog on the interwebz, objected to what I said in my last post. What she said is eminently reasonable, so watch me try to weasel out.

I was being all snotty about verse 5:101
... do not ask about things which, if made known to you, may vex you.”
and she said she reads it as saying don't ask if you're not prepared to handle the answer.

Of course, we're both applying logic to the koran, = Epic Fail in the first place, but she's absolutely right, that is what my little quote mine implies.  Gawd, I so feel like an ass for trotting this out, but ... aargghhh ...
you have to look at the context 

Overall, the whole book keeps harping on how you've gotta BLEEVE! without question, so there's that. Then zooming in a little, the rest of the verse throws in a great big BUTT

[005:101]  O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if ye ask about things when the Quran is being revealed, they will be made plain to you, God will forgive those:

So it seems to be comparing two case: asking questions when the quran is being revealed, versus when it's not. 
If it's not, don't ask, cuz the answers will vex you, cause trouble, make you ask more questions, you'll start investigating, be like our buddy Albert, first thing you know you'll invent the PC or the find neurotoxin that makes you see angels. Can't have that shit.

OTOH, if the quran is being revealed when you ask, the answer will be made plain, you won't get vexed, you'll just go lemming along. That fits in with the overall sales pitch of this rag, and that's what god'll forgive you for. 

Thing is, I'd guess the Quran is being revealed to me, since I'm reading the damn thing, but the only way it's making anything plain is by burying it in so much bullshit the surface levels out and grows prairie grass. So the answer is that the guy who wrote it was a damn liar; I'm prepared to deal with that, no problem.

How about it, PF? Am I off the hook?


PersonalFailure said...

I bow to your greater understanding of vexatiousness.

(Damn! I'm not even sure if that's snark or not, so I recommend against asking.)

Ketan said...

Also ... unless and until one asks, and gets an answer to the question, how would one know whether that answer can be "handled" or not? How does one know beforehand that a certain answer cannot be handled?

Moreover, if one were to acknowledge the possibility of an "absolute" truth, its understanding should be irrespective of whether it is likable or not.

And while, so much consideration could be given to "not being able to handle"-part for undesirable answers, then why not a bit greater consideration in matters like public whipping, or beheading, etc., which are also "difficult to handle"?

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