In the Catholic church they're always talking about saints. Well, here's what a real one looks like, right here.

And today's her birthday! So go over there and give her some love.


What We Could Do If Our Leaders Weren't Assholes

(*post stolen verbatim from Mad Mike's America)

Wildpoldsried, a small village in Germany produces 321% more energy than it needs sells it for $5.7 million

In the German state of Bavaria, in 1977 the village of Wildpoldsried (population 2,600) began a green initiative when the village council decided that it should build new industries, keep initiatives local, bring in new revenue, and create no debt.

Over the past 14 years, the community has equipped nine new community buildings with solar panels, built four biogas digesters (with a fifth in construction now) and installed seven windmills with two more on the way. In the village itself, 190 private households have solar panels while the district also benefits from three small hydro power plants, ecological flood control, and a natural waste water system.

All of these green systems means Wildpoldsried produces 321 percent more energy than it needs – and it’s generating $5.7 million in annual revenue by selling it back to the national grid. It is no surprise that small businesses have developed in the village specifically to provide services to the renewable energy installations.

The Wildpoldsried mission statement

Over the years the village’s green goals have been so successful that they have even crafted a mission statement — WIR–2020, Wildpoldsried Innovativ Richtungsweisend (Wildpoldsried Innovative Leadership). The village council hopes that it will inspire citizens to do their part for the environment and create green jobs and businesses for the local area.

As a result of the village’s success, Wildpoldsried has received numerous national and international awards for its conservation and renewable energy initiatives known as Klimaschutz (climate protection). The council even hosts tours for other village councils on how to start their own Klimaschutz program. The Mayor has even been doing global tours ever since the Fukushima disaster.

Wildpoldsried is a model for future developments around the world in communities where leaders and the people have the will.


Pope Lectures, God Smites

Noted crime boss and pedophile supporter Ratzinger gave a lecture in Madrid Saturday. God registered disapproval. First, 104 degree heat, escalating to storms and lightning bolts. The old pimp finally packed it in.

Also in Madrid, the Roman Catholic Crime syndicate set up these glory holes confessional booths for the flock to relieve themselves. Of their sins. 



Uncivilized skin care

People thought this ad was offensive. Gee, y'think?

Marketing wizards, with their finger on the pulse of popular culture. Geez. 


Cop Rape

A while back we saw how all you had to do to get raped in NYC was to call the cops.  Now you don't even have to do that, they just grab you off the street.



Dr. Loretta Mayer was studying diseases associated with menopause, and developed a drug that induced menopause in female lab mice by eliminating eggs in the ovaries without surgery. They dubbed it "mouseopause". That sounds funny, but it's really a huge thing.

It led to a version for rats, that are hell on rice fields in Indonesia, and then the director of the Navajo tribal animal shelter told her

 'If you could do for a dog what you do for a mouse, I wouldn't have to kill 400 animals a month,'

So Mayer developed a drug for female dogs that can be administered orally or by injection, and they're using now it in India to control feral dog populations. It and some other drugs like it are working their way through to FDA approval, and the Arizona state Legislature already altered their state's laws to allow them to be used. This can't come soon enough!


Deaf and Dumb

The "dumb" part is the attackers, and it's not an inability to speak, it's an inability to fucken think. Ignorancen times viciousnessn = these assholes.

"sign language is his only mode of communication", they say. Would they have said "Spanish is his only means of communication"? How about, "ASL is his only means of communication language". Would they say "Speaking is his only means of communication? It's fucking language, people!   There are people who speak other languages, believe it or not.

We were  chatting in the cafeteria  once, about some dogs that were outside, and a dimbulb arose hisself up from the table between us and the window, swaggered over to our table and sez he knowed we wuz a-talkin' him, cuz he done seed us a-pointin right at him.  Pointing is a pronoun in ASL, referring to the dog, in this case, but seeing as how the dog had more sense than him, we just told him to piss off. As if,  we had nothing better than him to talk about.

So I knew you could catch shit for using that language, but stabbed?   Fucking gang signs?

I'm speechless.


Delete this post

I am just SO SICK of hearing about this. Another right-wing Christian terrorist carries out another Terrorist Attack on American Soil, yeah, yeah. How many times does the mainstream media have to obsess over this story?



Don't Look! Don't Look!

Well, don't look twice anyhow. That'd be a sin, according to these two numpties who got caught spray painting burkas on Kelly Brook here.  Of course, so is listening to music, but the kid on the right, maybe that's just his brains running out.   What I wanna know =

they said it was a sin in Islam for a male to look twice at a woman who is not covered.

so how did they paint over the picture without looking at her twice?


The Face of Evil?

God hates fags, yeah, we know, he hates America, yeah, yeah ...

WTF is wrong with these people?

Me? What'd I do?

US attacks Viet Nam again

Vietnam War-era artillery shell explodes in central Vietnam, kills 3

bringing the total to 104,000 casualties since the war "ended"; not counting the three million due to Agent Orange

Agent Orange Children

Blown up people

or Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya ...


Wouldn't it be better to run towards the trees though?