Thoughts on the Election

Voters say the biggest problem with the country is the economy. I think it's a bigger deal that “my country” is murdering people. The President is doing a pretty good job, considering, but only if we ignore the facts of his own personal hit list. What am I supposed to think, “He's a swell guy aside from all those murders”? So was Ted Bundy.

So who do I vote for, the serial killer or the psychopath? 

The important issue to me is that I'm not a party to killing innocent children. I'm against killing four-year-olds here, there or anywhere, and I don't think 16-year-olds should be blown to bits no matter who their father is.

If Obama wins, we know for a fact that the killings will go on. Most likely the economy will improve and make it even easier to continue expanding the no-fly hit list.

Unfortunately the other guy was born with a silver spoon up his ass and real life isn't even his friend on Facebook. If he wins the country will likely go straight down the toilet, but it will take all those assassination programs with it. You don't see any drones from Burundi do you?

If I vote Obama, I'm voting to murder children while my economy prospers. If I vote Rmoney I'm choosing to destroy my country but save the lives of innocents. Unless I think American lives are worth more than others, it looks like
I'm morally obligated to vote Romney.