I can't decide which is more awesome--this guy, or what happened to him. He high fives bear cubs!!! and their mother saves him ??! when a cougar attacks him !!?  Whut???

Gimmme an "F"!  Hey, if that's what your students want. Classic catch-22.

In the race to the 13th century, we pull ahead of Saudi Arabia by jailing rape victims.

I can relate, I was carded until my late forties, but I was never arrested  for buying beer.

Cultural relativity, child rape, health care, education, this raises so many issues I don't know where to start. It hurts to even know about a 10 YEAR OLD having a baby!!!  And why are kids reaching puberty younger and younger?

Failed author** and successful dickhead Rick Warren says Mormons aren't Christians, they're different in the fundament way because they don't believe 3=1 
Real Christians know that three angels can dance on the head of a pin, or just one, or something.
**Three times I checked his stupid book out of the library and tried to read it, and just couldn't. Three. The one called 'Atlas Shrugged About His Purpose Driven Life'

Vertical gardens?  58 year old fuckwit asks “Sure, it looks nice but what good does it do?”and gets pwned by 17 year old: “It’s pretty,” he said. “And it’s great for shade". Not to mention it cleans up the atmosphere so you can fucking BREATHE, asshat. Well, so that kid can breath, that's doing good.

Comment of the Day: on Tennessee's new morality laws

Talk about laughing my arse off! America has gone barking insane, you do get that the rest of the world think you have become a sick joke right? Look at those countries with early and comprehensive sex education programmes and compare teen pregnancy rates to the USA which has 52 births to 15 to 19 yr olds per 1000 births.

Finland 9.2 per 1000.
Denmark 8.1 per 1000.
Sweden 6.5 per 1000.
The Netherlands 6.2 per 1000.
Switzerland 5.5 per 1000.

STD rates show a similar correlation.


Best Family Vacation EVAR

So this gay veteran is dying of cancer, she goes to the Head Republican and tells how she's worried about her family, her wife and little girl, and how his policies will fuck them up after she's dead. John Boehner, naturally, tells her to piss off, they don't care, that's what they want.

OutServe, a network of active military personnel, who are not assholes, raised the money for her to realize her dream of seeing Hawaii. Sent all three of them there. Some great family photos with this story.


Easter, dead things.

So yeah, Easter. Spring blooms, new life, all that crap. Exactly forty years back from this one, Easter, we took our little boy to the park, with eggs. Weather was warming up, snow was gone, he was in remission, home with us instead of in the hospital. He'd been eating instead of living off I.V. tubes so he didn't look like Dachau, all sunken eyes and knobby knees. He could walk around, wasn't puking, had a good time playing in the grass, ate eggs, it was a good day. We got pictures.

Back home, while we unlocked the door and put away his stroller, he sat in the porch chair in the sunshine,  fell off, bumped his head and went into convulsions. We called the ambulance but they never came, so we got the neighbors to give us a ride to the hospital, he was in a coma and he died after three days. Three days after Easter Sunday, how's that for ironic?

Now, yeah, I'm conflicted. Easter makes me think of Death. Being a pagan sort of person I'm all gushy over Spring, and green growy things, and new life, and Resurrection, --- wait.     Shit.

I try to think positive, cheerful thoughts of snuggly Easter bunnies; there's one here now, a cute baby about six inches long. The cat dragged him in and she's on the floor behind me. My cat is EATING the fucking easter bunny. Just perfect.

Happy Easter. Whatever.


Pulling Out

OH NOES! Who will we make fun of now?

A few months ago, Santorum was on everyone's lips. It's not too late to get in a few last swipes. Here's a collection.


Speak English, dammit!

For guys that say you have to speak English if you want to be A Merrikan, these wankers don't seem to understand it very damn well themselves.

the separation of church and state was meant to prevent the government from infringing on faith. But it was not meant to prohibit religion from influencing the government.

That's what they blather. FFS, what part of "separate" don't they understand? 
Here's a handy graphic to help them out.



Don't think I need to label which one is the church do I?


Ode to Frothy

These lyrics dedicated to Froth E. Mix, for his stalwart efforts to protect us all from the Scourge of Pornography!

Scourge, bein' porny

Best comment:

"Great idea picking a fight with the internet. How'd that work out for ya last time?"

Porn in the U.S.A.

Porn tears all your brains cells down
I heard it from that Rick Santorum clown
He comes off like a guy who's repressed too much
till he spends half his life just pestering us

Porn in the U.S.A., I watch Porn in the U.S.A.
I watch Porn in the U.S.A., Porn in the U.S.A.

Got me a little home web cam
put a vibrator in my hand
found a way I could make a buck
won't hire me but they'll watch me fuck

Porn in the U.S.A...
Seems like we're losing our country,
Preacher says it's because of me
Went down to see my congress man
He said you, I think should be banned

Had a lover that I like a lot
love each other, wanna tie the knot
Frothy tells us, we can not
We first met in Iraq where we fought
domestic partnership is all we've got now

Scared of homo sexuality
says it leads to bestiality,
man on child, man on dog.
Dan Savage had him on his blog now,

Porn in the U.S.A., I watch Porn in the U.S.A.
Porn in the U.S.A., I'm the guy next door in the U.S.A.
Porn in the U.S.A., Porn in the U.S.A.
Porn in the U.S.A., I'm the girl next door in the U.S.A.


Is this bad?

So they're having this debate,see, and one of them says

“I’m dealing with whore here who sells his soul to AIPAC, who will say anything for the job,”
mmm, OK, immediately I think "so what's his connection with AIPAC?"  But that's just me; what I'm supposed to do, evidently, is take off my panties and tie them in a big old sheepshank over

"that kind of awful language"
Wait, whut?  ..Oh, I get it, she said the w-word. 

whore noun \ˈhr\  
3:  a venal or unscrupulous person

No, wait,  I don't get it. Maybe the truth hurts.



Where are all these eloquent, educated, actively involved young people coming from? This kid is fantastic!