Ai haz tu post dis.

Cutest littel kitteh evah. Would you rescue him and take him home? Say Yes!

He haz a trubble. But is OK. Is his baby pic from year 2000, now he is all growed up, and haz a happee. He's in the Book of World Records.   Heer iz  his storee:


and his growed up pikchur. 

Preshus, he iz it!


Nothing in New York

How fucked up is it that I have to go to Iranian TV to find out about what's happening in New York City?

Four stories about it here, same number there was yesterday.

slow motion video of the macing   here

Some good professional type pictures here

Firedoglake is covering this really well

Official website of OCCUPY WALL STREET

NY Times headline: this  “appears to show”
who writes that shit? 


So OK Lance, who appears to be a dumbass.   He gets on skeptic blogs and says stupid shit.  Being interested in abnormal psych, I check out his blog. It's all christainy, with a tab that says I am an insane crazed biblethumping fundy  ministry/evangelism, but mostly it's a comic strip.  Sez he,

 The purpose is to entertain folks ... and ultimately to Glorify God in the process.
It's good he told me that, coz my first impression was that he was making fun of christains. It was also my second and  third impression before I figured it out.  See what you think.

The guy on the right is Art, who obviously is a complete fucking moron. The left guy is stuck in a cell with him and man, I sympathize: waterboarding, or a lockdown with a jackass who cites bible verses--tough choice, that one.

Bu bu but wait, good old Lance, he's trying to ....  oh fuck I don't know,  he seems to think portraying his hero as a collossal asshole will make us want to emulate the jerk.


Then I thought, if that's how he thinks, then it makes perfect sense to go on skeptic blogs and make yourself look like a clueless idiot, so that people will join you.  I guess. It's tough to try and follow the thought processes of a lower life form, like a sea urchin, or Lance. 

Lance, he even says "I have taught  "... 'Way of the Master' by Ray Comfort ..."  and doesn't even have enough sense to be embarrassed. That kind of thing should only be shared, on a dark lonesome beach, after too much Old Grandad, between you and your dog. 



Leaves are starting to fall. I love to rake leaves. When I get a big pile of them I feel like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin.  So do the fur people.

Kittehs ...

... those big noisy ones too ...