The quote is from Rep Kevin Cramer (R-nether regions) talking about hungry children.

Some context

The Boehner-led House in the 112th Congress passed the fewest number of bills since that number started being tracked in 1947.  ... Not working is part of their two-prong strategy, along with only voting on pretend things, like fake Obamacare repeals


They worked nine days in September, and two in August. They only bothered to show up for work 18% of the time--and for that they skipped off with $29,000.00. That's EACH.  It's $2,636 dollars per day, and altogether they cost the taxpayers seven million dollars.  For all that loot, they must've got hella work done, amirite? BWA HA HA HA HA, see above.

And they call us moochers.



Cruzin' for a Bruizin'

LOL! More Ted Cruz jokes,  writing themselves

Yeah, and ...

That's for sure. He said he was going to talk till he could no longer stand, and then he wimped out after one measly hour.  Wendy was ten times tougher, LOL.

Still can't figure out why he did this. Everyone says he's not stupid, but  ....  right, Republicans.  OK, but
of all books, why'd he pick GE&H?   You can't help but guess the ending

That's what's happening already. A few months back he maybe could deny it, but too late, dude, too late.

BUT, OTOH, he's playing well with the rubber room crowd. Rev. Fishsticks has a hard-on for high-pitched squealer Ted Cruz, who just like Elijah the prophet totally read Green Eggs and Ham in front of an audience of asses.

Finally, from Facebook
By Edward Z.....

Do you like the GOP?
I do not like them. No siree!

I do not like them in the House,
where endlessly they whine and grouse.
And in the Senate, maddening,
they filibuster everything.

Don't like them on the internet,
or lying on my TV set.
I do not like them so far right,
I do not like that they're ALL white.

I do not like them when they wink.
It scares me when they try to think.
I do not like their budget cuts.
I do not like that they are nuts!

If they're the face of Uncle Sam,
then Uncle Sam don't give a damn!
They like Tea, and green money,
but why, oh why, don't they like me?

They will not help me keep my house.
They do not like my same-sex spouse.
They don't like any news but FOX,
or black folks at the ballot box.
They don't believe in warming air.
They REALLY hate Obamacare!

They sham and slam and send out spam.
So sure I am, it's all a scam.
It's all for them, but none for me.
I do NOT like the GOP.

 Interesting times we live in. 


the opposite of pro-gress

FFS, already.  Can we shut down just half the government?

UPDATE: Jesus fucken Christ on a chocolate dildo, this phlegmwad is standing up on the Senate floor and reading Green Eggs and Ham! The country is about to go bankrupt, children are starving, no one can earn a living and we pay this Teatolitarian Kochsucker $1,381.00 PER DAY to read bedtime stories?


Kids These Days ...

There may be hope for the human race after all. The big people, the ones that've trashed the planet, can't handle a Bollywood Miss America, but high school kids have elected

 a Homecoming King who's austistic

and a transgendered Homecoming Queen.
(uh, oh,haters)

While all that is going on, a 16-year-old invents a way to manufacture plastic from banana peels (second place was our friend who invented the hand-powered light).

So stop yelling at those kids on your lawn unless you had a planet named after you when you were 14.

Good luck, kids, you just might be up to saving the world.


Something Really Cool

I'm constantly amazed by how little we know about the world we live in. You'd think something five miles long and bigger than a 40 story building, somebody'd notice it. 

Nobody did until 1991, though, and then they didn't go explore it, that had to wait till four years ago, and look what they found!  Now they're opening this baby up for tours, Woot!   Sort of adventursome--it starts off rappelling 80 meters down into the entrance, but it's the WORLD'S BIGGEST CAVE!

Corporations think they know all about how to frack things up safely, even miles under the sea floor, but they never even knew this was even there.  Hmmph. We keep finding things they didn't know.

It has it's own jungle!  It has its own waterfalls! It has a river! New, undiscovered species! Stactities! Stalagmites! (points if you know the difference)  It has Cave Pearls! It's the WORLD'S BIGGEST CAVE, and NOBODY EVER NOTICED IT! 



Remembering 9/11

Forty years ago South America was noted for military dictatorships, except for Chile, a beacon of democracy and political stability. Until

  September 11,  1973

Enter the CIA with the usual results: government overthrown, democratically elected president killed, brutal dictatorship for the next 17 years, tens of thousands imprisoned, tortured, killed, the economy sent down the toilet so that it still hasn't recovered.    

 Why do they hate America? It's not "because of our freedoms",

(hat tip to Sabina Becker at News of the Restless)


a Public Service Announcement

A classic, sadly more relevant than ever.  If you haven't seen it already, see it.  Remember it.


Near-fatal dog attack on town's Mayor

A local dog inflicted a punctured lung, broken sternum and other injuries on the Mayor of Takeetna Alaska, the most awesome town EVER.  Fifteen years ago, the awesome residents of this awesome town elected Mayor Stubbs to preside over their town, an office he has held ever since with no sex scandals, graft or corruption, and now the whole (awesome) town is rooting for him to get well and mayor some more.
Yeah, that's him in the picture.



What if you wanted to tell your mom "I love you", but you couldn't talk?
What if you always had to struggle to communicate the simplest things?
What if you had a little son who had that problem all the time?
Hi, I'm Riley

What if you tried to risk a night out  but your little boy got frustrated,  threw the fucking phone across the restaurant and started screaming?
Mortifying, right, and then what if up comes the waitress, and she looks like she's going to cry?
What then? 

Then  THIS!  

Little things really count.


I'm upstaged

Re: this post I made, "raising the flag", I found out the innernet has a similar idea from somebody who actually knows how to use photoshop.  Pretty full of win!

(if anybody knows where it's from, let me know so I can give credit.)