Personally, I'd rather have the government register my guns than stick its fingers up my ass, but that's just me.


Extreme Awwww...

Found on facebook
 A blinded fox cub left for dead by a speeding car
has been helped back to health by his unusual pals - a group of orphaned kittens.

The injured animal was found with severe head injuries by the side of a dual carriageway after he was hit by a car. While still unconscious, the fox was put into a cage with three orphaned kittens which were found in a box.

The cats immediately began to groom the fox and snuggled up to him as he slowly came out of the coma. The cub, which was not even expected to survive the ordeal, then began to regain his sight and health after just five days. Now the fox has made a full recovery and formed an incredible bond with the feline friends.

 'It was very sweet, the cats needed something to snuggle up to and they loved his fur. One of the owners of the rescue centre said 'One of them used to lick him all the time as he slowly came out of his coma. 'Once awake the four of them became best friends and the kittens acted like a guiding light to the fox as he regained his sight.' 'I think they all helped save each other's lives.' ♥

The cub was eventually sent to Fox Protect in Tunbridge Wells to complete his rehabilitation before he was released back into the wild and the kittens found a home. ♥


"Why do you treat your banks like holy churches?"

ROFL, the President of Iceland asks the bleeding obvious. 

From Al Jazeera, where else?  

Since this will never appear on any Western news outlet, I'm doing my public service by showing you it.

Note-- for those who haven't been paying attention. While the rest of the world has been fellating and bailing out  the big banks, Iceland told them to FOAD, even put some of the bastards in jail, and now they are doing fantastic while countries that did the exact opposite are doing the exact opposite.

Why DO we treat banks like they're Holy? 


Around the world on $400.

These guys did it in 80 days (sorta), riding electric motorcycle-vehicles

purty darn kewl.



Football Rapes

Haven't said anything about the Stuebenville rape case, because, really, #$#%&(^(#&
Don't need to though, because this guy said it for me.  I dunno who he is, but he should be required listening.

Here's part One.




...to live in a house like this.

there's a slideshow.

A little more down to earth (see what i did there) is the Hobbit House in Wales.



Well who didn't see this coming?

It only took one day!

On the 13th, just like the NRA advised, the Chatfield School in Lapeer, Michigan hired an armed guard to keep the kiddies safe.  They weren't taking any chances by scrimping on the qualifications either: 32-year veteran of the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department, and a firearms instructor to boot. What could go wrong? 

On the 14th, well ...

Security guard leaves gun unattended in restroom at Lapeer charter school

ROFL! Color me unsurprised, with just a hint of 'told-ya-so'. For shits and giggles, google "cops leaves gun in school"

 Explain again how this makes kids more safe?



Do we judge people as people, or by their packaging?  Rosea Lake asked this in her high school art project:

"Judgement", by Rosea Lake

“If you see a girl wearing something you see as distasteful, then you automatically discount them as a person and you don’t give them the opportunity to really be somebody in your eyes,”
she says, and she
“used to assume that all women who wore hijabs were being oppressed".

Of course, the opposite extreme is "asking for it" (third one down).  Pretty darn good graphic.  


Crime prevention that works.

We don't have public service announcements blaring DON'T GET MURDERED!", we talk to the murderers and tell them "Don't fucken murder people".  But when it comes to rape it's the victims we talk to and say "Don't dress slutty, don't wear tight clothes, don't wear loose clothes, don't be anywhere ..."  This needs to change, and here's how.

 See how this works? It's not aimed at the victims, it's aimed at the perpetrators, telling this is wrong; it spotlights an all-too-common excuse as the bullshit it is, maybe most important it gives positive reinforcement to back up people who might otherwise not speak up.

Lookit that--they've even gone gender neutral.  How cool is that?  But the clincher is, and really the only thing we need to know is

Reported rapes dropped 10% after Vancouver put these ads out!

They got it from Edmonton, who had success with it, now other cities are picking up on it.  Also bloggers--Amanda at Pandagon talks about why it works so well, and Greta Christina asks, if one little public service campaign can have such an effect, what if we took part in a years- or decades-long effort? Let's do it. 

hat tip, Margarita del Norte From the Top of the World


Ice Sculptures

It's been a week of Nature's Winter Wonders To Marvel At. (that's all one word). First, Margarita Del Norte posted this fantastical story of little flowery ice sculptures growing in the ocean.  Frost Flowers, they're called, and I'd never heard of them, and they seen even more exotic now since the temperatures here are hanging at about 80.

Even the name of this fascinating story about them is snorgly; "Suddenly There's A Meadow In The Ocaean With 'Flowers' Everywhere". 

Then a few days later I find out about The Strange Snow Formations Called Penitentes


 They're not only weird and amazing they're pretty high tech, too. Scientists have created them in the lab now and I have to admit I don't really understand it, so I'll just kick back and revere stuff.  Woot.

Then, damify don't find another Nature'swinterwonderstomarvelat, a completely different kind of "Frost Flower", this one with actual flowers--and boy do they rock!

 There's all this awesome stuff out there, and I've never seen any of it.  POUT!  Imma go outside and stare at the stars.


One man gets it

On telling random strange women "Smile!",  This. 

Short version: dude had a friend who had a Really Bad Day topped off with a family member dying, and somebody did it to her, and

Best comment:

Is the expression on your face leased by stranger's on the street? You should get money for making a pleasing display on command.


This exists.

It's a necklace. 

Why? God, why? 

 Click the link for a video explaining it. Anybody here speak French?


Where to eat?

Greetings from the hellhole of South Carolina.  Hellhole, you ask, isn't that a little strong?  Well,  remember our governor is Nikki Haley [google "Turned down billions of federal dollars for the nation's worst education and health systems" or "too dumb to keep hackers out of state's computers"] replacing Mark "Appalachian blowjob" Sanders.  And  for congressmenorganisms we have Jim Demint, Joe Wilson and Lindsey Lohan or Graham or whatever, who vote to make it illegal to obey the law.  Let's just say when this place makes the national news it's never flattering.

Ignore all that stuff, let's eat. What are our choices?  There was a Taco Bell, where you ordered over a big sign that said "Our first priority is to serve Jesus". It's gone now, guess Jesus didn't eat enough tacos. There's Maurice's, where they hand out pro-slavery tracts; and  Chick Fillet, where you sit under a big sign quoting Leviticus "TRADISHONAL MARRAIGE!!!11! " while your food is cooked, by men.   And now there's

It's right up the street, I've even eaten at this one. Sigh. At this rate I'll have to start cooking my own meals.


What's this guy?

He's an actual living creature.
If you know what he is you win a big old innernet. If not ...

... I'm not gonna tell ya (neener neener)  but you can find out by watching this video. Prepare to be astounded.