Miss Alabama's intestines

Hoo boy, the dust hasn't settled yet from Miss Utah's brain fart when I hear Miss Alabama had something to say too. Word is that she's fine with the govt looking down her blouse at the mall, but the audio wasn't good enough to catch her exact words so I turned on closed captions.  Here is what she, uhhh ... said?

It's not a valid today. Anotated and tracked it into the moderate, and safety standing around this summer. Right at nine fifty and adult statement again. Intestinal tract.
Now, you can't argue with that!
Wtf  is with these captions, this is supposed to help? Why not just print random words--oh wait, they did.  For what she really said, go here.
Also, poor ole Miss Utah got a chance to explain that she's not really a bimbo, but pretty much blew it.

Meh. Why does anyone care?  


The limits of freedom

Where do we draw the line on freedom? We shouldn't yell “fire” in a crowded theater (especially with NRA members around), but there are areas where the limits of freedom are not so clear. For instance, getting into a car.

Should a person be allowed to get into a back seat? What if there's another person in there too, should the law step in then? What if they were drunk during the commission of this act? For that matter, should a person be allowed to get drunk in the first place? 

Some feel that these actions exceed the limits of freedom and that anyone who gets into the back seat of a car should suffer some consequences, like say being violently raped.

That is the opinion of ancephalic menstrual clot James Taranto, whom the WSJ, incredible as it seems, pays. Their money got them a delusional failure at attempting to join a debate on whether a commander should have authority to overrule a formal court-martial. On this complex legal question, mister Ambulatory Bloody Discharge opined, in summary:

Woman. Pussy. Me want fuck. Y U no let me. U mean. BWAAAHHH.
When rational human beings called him on his misogyny, he interrupted his fapping to stories of Ariel Castro to explain(sic) that a woman blocking another woman's advancement is a “war on men”, that started in the 60's when women wanted freedom to get in a car with their co-workers without getting raped. 

they wanted sexual freedom. Well what is female sexual freedom? It means, for this woman, that she had the freedom to get drunk, and to get in the backseat of the car with this guy.
Which brings me back to my original question. Is it reasonable to allow a person the freedom to get into a car?  I'd say any person should have that freedom. Hell, even the freedom to get drunk if they want. 

(Although, if the person was James Taranto, he's not getting in any car I'm in.) 


Facism, Socialism, Communism

These three things are not the same, people.
What's the difference?

Look here. 

Surrealism gets my vote.


Women's Equality gets kicked in the balls again

Aww, shit, here we go working so hard to demonstrate that women are competent, intelligent, humans, and then Miss Vapid here comes along with this Extreme Bimbo demonstration.  Holy shit.

"create education better"? Oh, do let's. The best part though is earlier, when she first starts out and..
"... we are continuing to try to strive to ..."  oh jesus what the fuck just came out of my mouth? omfg

then stops, with that God please kill me now so I won't have to live through the next 30 seconds look. But she troopers on, smiles, and lets loose a stream of drivel that YouTube will enshrine forever as a glowing testament to complete and utter bimbohood.

What's interesting is how she tries to recover. Turn and run? No, that won't work. Ahh, right wing talking points, yeah--"create jobs", yeah, wait that's what to do with women earning less? Something about men, oh shit, what'd I say? fuckit, just let words run out of my mouth like crap down the toilet bowl my career is in now and just END this. Thank you. Goodbye.  Where's the want ads?  

These  meat markets  scholarship contests seem to do something to cause these meltdowns, such as.  Miss Utah is now doomed to wander the planet being the butt of jokes forever, but it's possible she actually has a brain, even if a little flatulent.  Miss South Carolina turned out to be not so dumb as she looked. OK, so is my sofa, but outside the context of this  beauty pageant  stupid outdated demeaning ritual she turned out to be perfectly normal.  Why don't we just stop having these already?


take the day off

A cool video made by Working America.  Dedicated to all  you   us out there working for peanuts for some bloodsucking corporation.   Good message. 


and then these happened

It takes more than a title to make you something, you have to act the part. These people do it.

Helen Mirren is a real queen 

... and ...

Patrick Stewart is a real man

On a lighter note, don't mess with Queen Helen, lol.


the Birth Defect Lobby

Ho hum, Syria's in the news again.  Their sheriff, Obama, doesn't like chemical weapons. If the Syrians use them, he declares, it's a red line that dast never be crossed.  How dare those nasty Syriranians inflict such misery and suffering on innocent people? As George Carlin said, "That's our fucking job!"

Depleted Uranium in Iraq

Agent Orange in Vietnam

It's the gift that keeps on taking.



Gay Smooch 1, Preacher 0

Now this is how you handle and obnoxious preacher.   Shuts her right up. ROFLMAO!!


an exciting future

 You thought Bionic eLegs were exciting, for people with mobility problems, how about a whole exoskeleton to let paraplegics walk?

Phew--small potatoes, what if it was controlled entirely by your mind?  Such a thing already exists!   We know that specific areas of our brain activates when we perform specific actions, and now they are figuring out ways to use that neuro-electrical activity as input to control machinery.   Woot!

If that isn't sciencefictiony enough for you, consider: the brain activity occurs BEFORE the corresponding motor actions. So devices can read what you are about to do while you are still only thinking about doing it, before you actually do anything at all.   The future is unimaginable, and scary-hopeful.

Think what if we develop this stuff like we developed computers, or phones, or cars.

This can't be wrong

in the comments on Steven Hawking's lecture ...

 My favorite is from Norse mythology where Thor, the God of thunder, drank ale from a magic horn that was connected to the sea. Thor was such a mighty drinker that he actually lowered the level of the sea and this is how the tides came about.
Of course the Norsemen didn't discuss how the tide came back in but anyone who has spent an afternoon drinking beer knows the answer to that.

:-) Damn... so that's why the sea has all that foam in it, eh

And that accounts for the salt!!

Guns don't rape people

Lessee, with guns, they don't kill people, the people doing the killing do; but with rape, it's not the people doing the raping, it's the porn that rapes people.  Wait, what?

According to Jeff Sessions (R-Dark Ages) our Heroes In Uniform® are competent to handle:

automatic weapons,

high explosives,
even nuclear missiles,


Unless, of course,

Jeff  "It's the porn!" Sessions 
Saxby "Hormones Control Our Troops" Chambliss
Toru "Our boys need their sex slaves"  Hashimoto 

are COMPLETLY WORTHLESS FUCKWADS that are a large part of the problem.