Women's Equality gets kicked in the balls again

Aww, shit, here we go working so hard to demonstrate that women are competent, intelligent, humans, and then Miss Vapid here comes along with this Extreme Bimbo demonstration.  Holy shit.

"create education better"? Oh, do let's. The best part though is earlier, when she first starts out and..
"... we are continuing to try to strive to ..."  oh jesus what the fuck just came out of my mouth? omfg

then stops, with that God please kill me now so I won't have to live through the next 30 seconds look. But she troopers on, smiles, and lets loose a stream of drivel that YouTube will enshrine forever as a glowing testament to complete and utter bimbohood.

What's interesting is how she tries to recover. Turn and run? No, that won't work. Ahh, right wing talking points, yeah--"create jobs", yeah, wait that's what to do with women earning less? Something about men, oh shit, what'd I say? fuckit, just let words run out of my mouth like crap down the toilet bowl my career is in now and just END this. Thank you. Goodbye.  Where's the want ads?  

These  meat markets  scholarship contests seem to do something to cause these meltdowns, such as.  Miss Utah is now doomed to wander the planet being the butt of jokes forever, but it's possible she actually has a brain, even if a little flatulent.  Miss South Carolina turned out to be not so dumb as she looked. OK, so is my sofa, but outside the context of this  beauty pageant  stupid outdated demeaning ritual she turned out to be perfectly normal.  Why don't we just stop having these already?

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