Miss Alabama's intestines

Hoo boy, the dust hasn't settled yet from Miss Utah's brain fart when I hear Miss Alabama had something to say too. Word is that she's fine with the govt looking down her blouse at the mall, but the audio wasn't good enough to catch her exact words so I turned on closed captions.  Here is what she, uhhh ... said?

It's not a valid today. Anotated and tracked it into the moderate, and safety standing around this summer. Right at nine fifty and adult statement again. Intestinal tract.
Now, you can't argue with that!
Wtf  is with these captions, this is supposed to help? Why not just print random words--oh wait, they did.  For what she really said, go here.
Also, poor ole Miss Utah got a chance to explain that she's not really a bimbo, but pretty much blew it.

Meh. Why does anyone care?  

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krissthesexyatheist said...

I saw the story when it came out. Hell, the closed caption is an improvement.