Wear It!

Earlier we saw these great posters to let the world know you are against gender violence. Instead of having a poster why not wear one?

This T-shirt is just one  offered by SAFER (Students Active For Ending Rape). Some of all these others are even better, depending on what angle you want.

I'll bet you wear a bunch of t-shirts that advertise stupid over-priced crap, how about giving free advertising to something worthwhile instead?


Marzie said...

Thanks for these Uzza. As a victim myself (though not a campus victim) I'm all for increasing awareness among all students of consent really means. I added a link to their site on my blog! I won't be silent either...

uzza said...

You noticed the one that says "I was raped on campus"? It would take a strong person to wear that I think. I was sad to hear that you had to endure such a thing.

In my experience, anyone deserves kudos just for having the guts to admit it in public, let alone wearing it.

We're far from a point where being victimized is not considered shameful, but things like this move us closer. Thanks for helping.