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Ice Cream made by Antonio Federici is Immaculately Conceived, is what this ad says.  What I say is, if eating anything is a holy sacrament, ice cream would be it.  Body and blood of some old prophet, not so much.  But look what the Advertising Standards Authority of London says:
"...to use such an image in a lighthearted way to advertise ice cream was likely to cause serious offence to readers, particularly those who practised the Roman Catholic faith."
Oh, Wahhh, NAMBLA East is offended. Anybody taking the piss out of the Raping Children Church is alrite, I say. This is the logical next ad in Federici's "Ice Cream is our Religion" campaign, following their ad last year, below.  But wait, it gets better.  The ASA says

"ASA rulings must be followed and we are taking steps to ensure Antonio Federici do so."
  but Federici says

"We intend to defy the ASA's ban and will publish another advert from the series before the Pope's visit later this week." "We are in the process of securing a series of billboards close to and along the planned route of the Pope's cavalcade around Westminster Cathedral."
Get yer popcorn, this is getting interesting.  Civil disobedience; Legal battles; A left jab to the King of The Vatican. Woot!
 The RCC says
Waaahhhh, people are picking on us 
Thousands of little kids say 
KARMA, Bitches. 
and I say eat these guy's ice cream. Anybody who stands up to these crazed muslim catholic fanatics and their constant attacks on our freedom of speech, and action, deserves our support. Even if it means eating ice cream.

This is their "Submit to Temptation" ad from last year, which was kind of, mmmm, luscious. 

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Marzie said...

Love it that you posted the images! I was reading about it yesterday and curious to see them. The timing with the Pope's visit is just spectacular.

LOL at your dialogue commentary!!!! Let the RCC whine all they want. Maybe we can get one of a pope spoon feeding a pregnant woman? Not that any popes have ever gotten anyone pregnant or anything...