Disclaimer: this post was written about a week ago, I just had alife for a while and didn't post it. I did not steal the idea from PZ's blog. He stole it from me, with his evil atheist brain meld.

The way to get famous now is to desecrate something. This guy smoked scriptures (didn't say how it was; It's reputed to have mind altering properties.)
How about me?  I put a bible in the cat box. 

Maybe I should explain that.  All our junk mail goes in a paper shredder, and gets chopped up into little pieces. The little pieces go into the cat box, and the fur people have learned to shit on the junk mail.  

When it gets icky, I dump it into the compost, where it's an offering to the gods. They like it too.  For  the little Fun Guy, carbon is food and  and nitrogen is like vitamins.  Paper is mostly carbon and cat piss has a lot of nitrogen, plus there's other shit in there that they like.  This way everybody's happy. 

When we moved, we had a bunch of old bibles to get rid of, soooo..... The bible pages soaked up all the piss and shit and fed the compost gods.  You could say I took the Holy Book, ground it up, pissed on it, shit on it, threw it in the garbage, and buried it. 

Is that sacrilegious enough?  Do I get a fatwa?  TV show?  Personal message from the President?  

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