Something Good

There's pictures of me as a little blue-in-the-face kid struggling to hold up a fish I caught so my dad could snap a photo just before I collapsed on the ground with this thing that was as big as I was.  We caught fish like that all the time.  Nowadays, you'd get your name in the paper.   All over the world the fish are getting smaller, and rarer, and extincter, which of course means we're all going to die, but then SUPRISE this piece of good news pops up.
one Sockeye salmon

Back in the years B.W.M. (that's before white men)  whole civilizations lived on the salmon runs, and every year millions and millions of sockeye would come and fill the rivers up so you couldn't even see the water. It was party time! They spawned, and died, and then really stunk up the place, but no one minded.  Since the White Men 'discovered'  this, there's been less fish every year, and in 2009 only a measly million and a half sockeye showed up.  Hardly worth paddling out for.

Well, YEOW, this years has thirty times as many salmon, more than there's been in decades. No one knows why either.

Lotsa Sockeye salmon

We know more about the Moon than we do about what goes on in our own oceans , which is pretty silly since we can't eat moon rocks after all (Yeah BP, I'm looking at you).  Nobody can tell where all these fish came from.  Mother Nature wins again. Yay!

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