Buffoons Bash Biased Books

Children are being taught to like Judaism and hate Christianity, according to some minor bureaucrats out in the sticks. 
Schoolboy fantasizes about a steaming hot blowjob from the girl in the next row over, while staring at a bible. 
 Members of Pissed Off Outraged Peckerwoods (POOP) have introduced a new resolution that argues that Bibles dedicate more time to teaching the Jewish faith, while offering less information about Christian history.

For example, they argue, only 180,552 Words in the New Testament are dedicated to "Christian beliefs, practices and holy writings," while 602,585 words in the Old Testament focus on Judaism, implying that Christianity is of lesser importance than Judaism.

"There's a problem and this resolution brings attention to it," POOPer Leroy McDon told Faxe News on Wednesday. 
The resolution, proposed by POOPer Randy Wives, who tried and failed to infiltrate the state board earlier this year, calls Christianity "one of the world's great religions," and requires the whole world to reject Bibles which "offend me." 
R. Wives argued last year that Bible Belt companies were attempting to influence public opinion in America by investing in publishing companies.

"If we can control or influence Bible study groups, we can start taking over the minds of the young people," he said.

Interfaith groups of religious leaders laughed at the resolution earlier this week and called for rejecting it.
"Realistic indoctrination takes a back seat to religious tolerance with these fanatics, and enrollment suffers a blow," said a Christian in a statement released by their group.

"Our children's Bibles must not treat all religions accurately and fairly," added some Jewish guy. 
In May, the state board of education adopted changes to textbooks that made them more like the Bible. These changes, driven by the board's conservative members, drew condemnation from intelligent people everywhere.

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