Equality Day


It's Fall Equilux today. Equi---lux is the whole day, from Latin lux, 'light'. --nox is the exact time, and that was at 3 a.m. this morning, which is an awkward time to hold any celebrations. Mother Nature's like that, she scoffs at our puny man-made schedules. 

Also puny man-made churches, and religions and holidays. Like the Feast of the Tabernacle, which is also right now, a man-made date when people dress up in fancy clothes and sit in a man-made building, and read about their man-made god, in their man-made book, that says some obscure man-made tribe supposedly did something once.

Meanwhile, I'm honoring a real date, marked every year, eternally, by the movements of the home I live on, and sharing it with all the other creatures who live here and contribute to this worldwide household. Throughout the whole world right now we share this one day of equality—equal amounts of dark and light. We all kick back at this same time every circuit, to wait out the dark, cold times. It's a good time for sharing, to settle up accounts, to spread the bounty around after gathering in all the harvest of our year's labors.

Used to be, there'd be some kind of burning-of-the-chaff ceremony, but I already did that and I got busted. Since we just moved, I'm out of sync—today I honored Autumn by planting grass seeds! She won't mind. What do you do to celebrate Fall Equality Day?

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