Blog Log

One cat, two cat, three cat, four.
Add the dogs it makes two more.
I took these dogs and cats and mouse,
and moved them to another house.
Still I wasn't finished yet,
the new house had no internet.

One day, two days, three days, four,
I worked and worked and worked some more
and all the while I worked I thought,
I wonder what the news has got?

are things improving in the war?
the gulf have fishes anymore?
my congressman is still a whore?

They hooked it up.
I looked it up.
What was seen upon my screen?
Not a keen scene,
not a green scene,
not a scene I wish I'd seen.
Mostly people being mean.

Beck hates all the other sects
hates the people having sex,
only likes the Beck's sect's sex.
A preacher wants to cook a book.
I took a look, he is a crook
why should I brook his crook book cook?

One dumb, two dumb, three dumb, four dumb,
where does all this dumb come from?
I see it here
I see it there,
I see this bullshit everywhere
no one wants to use their wits,
they sit and look at naked tits.

I do not want to blog this stuff
I do not want to blog such guff
this tough gruff stuff was quite enough.
I went to bed
I put the covers on my head
till the world is better I'll play dead.
And that is why you haven't read

anything on my blog lately.

1 comment:

Margarita del Norte said...

Hope you're liking your new home.
We have missed you all this time.
Laughed out loud to read your poem.
(I'm a fan of blogs that rhyme.)