Best Poster

This is about the best advert I've ever seen. There are a lot more like it at the Men Can Stop Rape website. Check them out. Support them. The world needs more of this.


Lorena said...

Sometimes I wish I could so something about rape in the third world. In my experience, rape over there isn't even reported. Authorities don't really care, since well, they're men and hardly saints.

Margarita del Norte said...

I love the positive spin on this line of adverts. Not a control-yourselves-and-keep-it-in-your-pants-you-pigs theme, but the acknowledgement of strength and the allusion to it having a better use or purpose. I also firmly believe that change has to come from within any given group, it can't really be forced on them from another group, so the use of the first person, the guy looking into the camera, the man-speaking-to-men mode, strikes me as potentially far more effective than any other approach. I don;t know why there's not more of this stuff plastered up where posters go.

uzza said...

Words of wisdom from my readers here. Yes.