Religious Education is an Oxymoron

Know anything about  madrassas?

All I knew was, Saudi Arabia spends billions of YOUR oil dollars to fund these things all over the world.

Best case scenario, they're so-called 'schools' where kids spend all day learning to recite the Koran in a language they don't understand, with no time left over for math, science, or anything useful, so they graduate butt-ignorant.

Worst case scenario, they're real schools, where kids spend all day being indoctrinated into hating everybody outside their twisted little sect, with time left over for brainwashing so they graduate into suicide bombers.

Turns out they're way worse than that.

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Marzie said...

Wow, Uzza, this entry wasn't even showing up in the crawl on my blog and I'm glad I headed over to read it. How appalling? It's really not too different from trafficking in some respects. Just horrifying. I want to read more about it... Thanks for sharing it.