Biased Bible Bigots Badly Bash Basic Books

In a follow up, last Friday the Texas State Board of Education passed a resolution telling textbook publishers to fill their books with Christian propaganda.

They're upset because the history of the Mideast talks about Islam (!?). Wait till they sound out the words to the history of Asia; you know what it talks about? Buddhism, Taoism, they're TEACHING OUR CHILDREN TO BE ATHEISTS !!11!11!!!!!!Oh Nooooooes!

So far, they only have vapors about one kind of bias, "pro-Islamic, anti-Christian". Once this is settled they can go on to pro-christian, anti-Hindu, then pro-Hindu, anti-muslim, pro-muslim, anti-Hindu, pro-Jain, anti-Shinto, where was I?

Somebody suggested just not mentioning any of them, but they voted that down of course, since  not mentioning Christianity is an insult (unless it's about child abuse, or any of this).

They seem a little confused. One of them seems to think China is in the Middle East
"I believe Middle Easterners have bought the textbooks! They've bought everything else here!"
and she's biased, although not sure about what.
"I'm biased in favor of Christianity, I'm biased in favor of America!"
On the bright side, they won't be able to talk about the Bible anymore. Board rules are that members can't discuss books that are currently approved for Texas public schools, and, starting this year, Texas public schools are required to teach the Bible. Sooo, no more quoting scripture at us. Woot! 

Also, in an interview with CNN, the Secretary of Education says (paraphrased)
“Fuck 'em.”
One board member explained that
"Publishers are listening today, and they're very sensitive to it."
“It”, of course, being batshit.  From Texas.

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