Land of the Free

Here in the Former United States, now der Homeland, you**

can't build sand castles

can't blow bubbles

(I know this last one happened in our northern neighbor, but national boundaries don't mean much anymore.  This is worse than you think.)

and you

can't complain when the government tortures you, or
poisons your food.


**Unless 'you' are a corporation. In that case you can now "... trade in or exploit slaves, employ mercenary armies to do dirty work for despots, perform genocides or operate torture prisons for a despot's political opponents, or engage in piracy – all without civil liability to victims."  


First thing tomorrow I'll be down at the courthouse to incorporate myself and embark on a life of crime. They leave me no choice.  


Margarita del Norte said...

Officer Bubbles makes me embarrassed to be Canadian.

And Uzza, do you really want to trade in slaves, perform genocides or engage in piracy? Well okay, maybe piracy would be fun.

uzza said...

Naw, I only go in for 'crimes against nature'. You know, those ones that upset the fundies so much. :-)

Margarita del Norte said...

Mmm, crimes against nature, yummy.

I don't think corporations do those crimes, except metaphorically. Well, now that I come to think about it, the Church does. Isn't it funny how that doesn't upset the fundies?