Torture Chamber Chit-chat (mat 27:44)

Matthew 27 is the crucifixion.
So we're running through this old tired story of somebody being horribly tortured, that christians find so inspiring, and part of it is that the bystanders are mocking the victim.
Even the other victims join in (27:44).

The other victims who are being horribly tortured themselves.

They're dying in one of the most painful ways possible, and they take time out from screaming in agony to make snide remarks about their fellow sufferers.

You know, you sure look silly hanging up there on that cross like that”

“My bleeding is way grosser than yours, poser.”

“You ain't screaming right; and that tunic--just so last year”

“Dude, your junk is showing”

Sorry, I just can't see it.

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