Squee! Nao!

Entirely too serious on this blog lately. Depressing. Must have squee! Rait nao!

Aye aye, coming right up.

clik for moar

LOL, u see whut I did there?

U doan think baby aye-aye is teh cute, u iz just weird.


Cynical Nymph said...

Ooh, is teh cute simply 'cos of its name. Aye-aye? More like, "Aye aye! Verra cute, suh!"

uzza said...

U laiks? Ai haz a happee.

Marzie said...

Okay, I need insulin. NOW.

[Aye]squared iz tootally kute.

uzza said...

Aye squared--verra cute, suh!