Hindus are Sick Fucks

Tourism is Nepal's main industry. You think of trekking the mountains and meditating with monks, right?

Friday and Saturday Hindus tortured and killed 250,000 animals of all kinds to launch the festival of Dashain. I've got nothing really against animal sacrifice except for it being primitive and stupid. I've raised animals for food, and I'm not alone in being proud that anything I ever raised had a happy life and quick painless death I would want for myself. They wouldn't have minded if I mumbled superstitious incantations over them. Not this

They starve the animals for two or three days, then crowd them all together in a pen. Then they get really drunk, form a mob, and hack the animals to death with swords while the spectators cheer them on. The first few victims are lucky enough to be decapitated by the first swing, they're the ones laying on the ground in the picture. Most of the drunks are worn out here, they're taking a break, but not one of the animals survives.

The Hindu Goddess Durga is supposed to like this shit. And it gets worse:
Contrary to what many believe, animals suffer tremendously before and during sacrifice. They are generally hurt during transportation, starved and dehydrated, and often purposely killed slowly and painfully, as it is believed that the goddess prefers slow deaths. In certain rituals animals are skinned alive, torn apart by human teeth or tortured to such an extent they die from stress and shock.” source

Chandan Dev Chaudhary, a Hindu priest, said he was pleased with the festival's high turnout and insisted tradition had to be kept. "The goddess needs blood," he said.

Apart from known sacrifice through throat slitting and beheading other extreme forms of blood sacrifices include the tearing apart of a live goat by young men, burning of live snakes, live skinning of pigs, removal of hearts from live animals, etc.” source

Some pictures here and here, if you can stand to look at them. The Nepali government supports this, to the tune of contributing $43,000.00 to make this happen in 2009, and this year 108 baby buffalo were scheduled to be massacred by the Nepalese Army. So do local towns, like Khokana. They  sponsor a festival where you can bring your kids to watch nine men throw a baby goat into a pond and bite it until it dies.

Remember, Nepal's main industry and source of income is tourism.

Not every Hindu is a psychopathic maniac. There's a lot of outrage, and a growing movement to stop this. Here's an article speaking out against it, and Stop Animal Sacrifice is a campaign against it, and here's a petition you can sign. They need 400 more signatures.

Indian NGOs have formed a coalition with animal rights activists and Hindu and Buddhist leaders for a joint action to halt the sacrifices at Gadhimai. They say
Psychiatrists have long pointed at the health hazard caused to the humans by such unorganized killings and the mental trauma/illness caused by it. Those locals who have been involved in the sacrifice over the years are said to be suffering from an acute form of mental disorder.
One man had to be permanently tied by a rope as he started murdering people. In the people he saw animal images,”
Ten people got killed this year. They stampeded and trampled each other. Fine by me.


Marzie said...

How utterly ghastly!

I'm signing and putting it on my Facebook pages!!!

I'm impressed that you raise your own animals for food, or have in the past. That's a much better life for the animal, and if you're going to eat meat, such a much kinder way to eat meat. Yet another reason to adore you Uzza....

uzza said...

Thank you for helping to tell the world about this.

Raising animals for food, yes, it brings you to face life-and death--like nothing else. Remind me to make a post about killing bunnies. These people have seriously lost their way.