The *-letter

The Glee Club opened in Nottingham, UK.

They posted a banner in a shopping center.

It said OMFG on it.

They had to take it down.

Click the pic. Hilarity.
In case you didn't know this, or breathe, the article tells us that
OMG is an abbreviation commonly used in text messages. It stands for Oh My God, with the F in this instance standing for a swear word.
Thanks for being so helpful guys.
There was a massive outpouring of complaints, consisting of two (2) [yes, two] uptight old biddies, one of whom said

"It wasn't just the implied swearword but in one fell swoop they managed to offend all religions."
to which I can only reply

 O...M...F...G!  FFS, BFD.   WTF?


As she lay on her fainting couch, tightly clutching her pearls, she explained, 
"Yes, it's an abbreviation but it stands for something. You don't read it as 'OMFG', in your head you're reading it as the full phrase."
and the manager of the center gallantly (or some other adjective) came to her aid.
"We do not condone the use of the 'F' word or even the implication of it. We wouldn't want to offend people, ... "

Rom now on, or the sake o the children, we henceorth  orbid any orm o this oensive letter. The 7th letter o the alphabet, ormerly 'g', will move up to ollow the ourth and ith, “d” and “e”: rom now on it's ormally abcdegh. This will protect our wonderull ospring rom those oolish, oul mouthed ellows who ill their speech with proanity.

Careul speech is rightully signiicant, and I'm sure we'll ind that this will work out perectly ine, even i a ew people ind it awully oreign at irst.

In act, the 'g' in this phrase proane's the Lord's name, so we ouht to et rid of it as well. Chane the alphabet to abcdeh. Would that be ood enouh for these ucking oons?


JoƩ McKen said...

You forgot to remove a forbidden “f” in there. ;-)

Also, JFC, these SOBs can DIAF.
(Well, not literally.)

uzza said...

Whoops, ardon my rench.
I ixed that or you.