Quote of the Day

Just something I overheard.

"Asking Christians to oppose radical Islam is like calling in the Crips to run the Bloods out of town." 


Anonymous said...

Why is it we always have to qualify Islam with words like "radical Islam" (as if there's any other kind) to differentiate the "good" Muslims from the "bad" Muslims; but with Christianity there's no such need to qualify with words like "fundamentalist Christians" to differentiate the "bad" Christains from the far more numerous moderate and progressive Christians, as if there's no such thing as a "good" Christian? Uzza, you seem to be an expert on such matters so I'm interested in reading your answer to that question.

uzza said...

LOL, good one! As it's written the quote is discriminatory.

It's an excellent point, but you ruin it by implying we should just reverse the discrimination. Want a bandage for that foot?