Happy Genocide Day

I'm in terrible mood so it seems appropriate to write bout the holidays, since this is Columbus Day, aka horribly-murder-15-million-people day. Josef Megele didn't get a holiday, Shiro Ishi didn't, why does CC?

Thinking of the Spanish invasion of the Americas always bring to mind two images from the history books.  Something most people don't know is that the Spanish dominance rested, as much as on horses and gunpowder, on the use of war dogs. These were like giant pit bulls on steroids, trained to kill.  You might not want to read the next two paragraphs.
One is an event De Las Casas mentioned in passing, as not at all out of the ordinary. The Spaniards went to a native village to buy food and one of their dogs disemboweled a pregnant woman so her infant was left hanging out. They called the dog off, but don't picture any medics rushing to help her, they held off so that the priest could baptize the baby, to save it's immortal soul, you see. Then they set the dogs back on her.

The other image is one of Ponce De Leon's crew in Florida who couldn't get to sleep, because of the screaming from an Indian they had roasting over the fire. He solved the problem by cutting the man's vocal cords so he couldn't scream.  That he knew how to do that bothers me.


Remember the words of the guy this day is named after; all this was done
"to conquer the world, spread the Christian faith and regain the Holy Land and the Temple Mount." 
How Islamic a country is is a good measure of how much of a hellhole it is.  Anybody out there who says things would be different if Christians were in power, go read a history book.  Also, go fuck yourself.  And fuck Columbus, and this stupid holiday.

Have a nice day. 


Margarita del Norte said...

In Canada, the Monday that you call Columbus Day is Thanksgiving. More than one American has asked me how we can have Thanksgiving without pilgrims and all that, but it's pretty much a harvest festival, no patriotic iconography involved. We eat a lot of fresh seasonal food and go around the table and everybody says what they're thankful for. It's nice. So, today I'm thankful we don't have to deal with celebrating Columbus, and thankful to you for making me aware of that.

uzza said...

Harvest festivals, FTW!

Anonymous said...

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Colon sailed to America the same year the Spaniards freed themselves from the 800 years long muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, which Spaniards and their ancestors had inhabitated since the glacial ages. The "holy land and temple mount" were Christian before the muslim invasion in the 7th century, so is no wonder they wanted formerly christian lands back. Rather have European Christians conquer the world than the filthy, fugly, stupid, superstitious, retrograde, paleolithic muslims (images = haraam = no stupid heavenly sword videogame avatar, u asshole!)

Life was so peaceful and pleasant before Columbus arrived to America, indians killed each other and ripped their enemies still beating hearts from their chests, they skinned war prisoners and wore their skin as clothes, killed their children to honor their gods, had no private property it all belonged to the Sapa Inca, they treated their women worse than muslims treated theirs, the lesser indian tribes were so oppressed by incas and aztecs that they allied with the Spaniards to get free from them. Yeah, those were the days. You read history books, you moron.

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uzza said...

Thank you for commenting. And you noticed my avatar, how sweet.

JoƩ McKen said...

Teabaggers must make shrinks and pharma companies very happy.

And I always thought your avatar was from Tomb Raider or something? Granted, I’m not as acquainted with recent (as in, less than ten years old) games as I should be. *pouts*