Bad Guys

Kid's class at the dojo. A roomful of little 2nd graders running all over. We had a big pillow thing like a club that they could clobber each other with. The guy swinging the pillow gets worn out really fast, so we had the rule that you traded places with the clobberer if you got hit, and there were more kids than pillows.

They really got into it. It was pandemonium. Then one little guy who was all confused yelled out
“Who are the bad guys?”
It stopped me in my tracks. What bad guys? Bad guys?  We're all practicing together, taking turns, it's a game, why is somebody bad?

Then I snapped back to reality and remembered “The Creed™”

The world consists of good and bad.
There are two sides.
People on our side are good.
People on the other side are bad.

Bad people must be punished.
  You must choose sides.

A Creed™ I've devoted most of my life to changing, and was the reason we had these classes in the first place. Well, the kid was only six years old, so it's kind of cute.

Now though, I read the news, I look at how things have changed over the last few decades, and I wonder: did I just waste my whole life?

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