Bozo Column: Late and Ignorant

Damned if I know why but some rag called Newsbusters prints articles from a guy named Brent Bozo (I might've got the spelling wrong).

Apparently he's some kind of big important shot, Wikipedia says he has "the most comprehensive media monitoring operation in the world". Wow, all that, just to write about news that's two weeks old and still get his facts wrong.

He's on about the fanatic vandal that wrecked a museum exhibit in Colorado, the one I wrote about two weeks ago with the most decrepit blogging operation in my bedroom. Before we start, he's an asshole, for encouraging people to break the law:

Kathleen Folden, bless her heart, entered the gallery, broke into the artwork with a crowbar and ripped it to pieces.”
Bless her heart? He thinks it's just SO CUTE to ruin several hundred bucks worth of other people's property, I bet if I threw a hammer through his computer screen we'd be BFF. Fail, Bozo, you don't bless the hearts of destructive criminals, you cuff the wrists of.

Worse than an asshole, Bozo's an ignorant asshole. He wrote this drivel:
... you just know – that he would never defend as “the best art” the depiction of the prophet Mohammed or the Dalai Lama receiving oral sex.”
“He” here being a guy who defended the Loveland exhibit that INCLUDES A CARTOON OF MOHAMMED one panel over from the one Jesus-for-brains tore up. Talking around the foot in his mouth, Bozo blathered on …

... make the image a Muhammad cartoon, and our media would blame and shame the artist for being needlessly provocative, and not the offended Muslim who would take action in response. Someone should ask Chagoya if he's heard of Molly Norris, who merely proposed (and quickly retracted) “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day,” and then had to vanish from public view (along with her art) and change her name on the recommendation of the FBI.”

No Bozo, the media would do exactly what it did do, since there's a Mohammed cartoon right there staring you in the face. Someone should ask Mr Bozo why he hasn't used the past two weeks of media frenzy to find out that not all muslims forbid images of Mo, that there are centuries-old traditions of Muslims drawing the old goat, with hundreds of examples scattered all over the innertubes (in obscure places like Wikipedia and Youtube) and they LOOK JUST LIKE the one in the Loveland exhibit.

Then they should ask why these idiots with fatwa envy are always so turd ignorant of the things they run their mouths off about.

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