Hide your kids, the pope is gonna go make an ass of himself in Spain now. Hope the Spaniards take a page from the Scots and line his route with billboards like this one. (pic from here.)

I don't know why this didn't get more play, but it's ossum. The Humanist Society Of Scotland put these up, to remind the old fraud that 40% of Scots don't go to church at all, let alone to his Raping Children Church.
If we can't arrest him like Dawkins wants, or do whatever the muslims want to do to him, we at least can aggravate his overdressed ass.

I was trying to find out exactly how much he stiffed the taxpayers for in the UK, but all I found was this news -- says he mostly charges millionaires big bucks to go and talk with him. Wait, what? When a woman does that, they call her a prostitute. Or a call girl if she's expensive. Ratzi's not just a prostipope in the back alley blowjob brigade, he's definitely a high end call-pope.
Check out the sidebar about God's Banker:

$238 million of laundered money. The Vatican's head bagman flees to South America, hired killers hot on his trail. In London, a body hanging from a bridge. Stuffed in it's pockets? $15,000. And bricks. A trial with video links to top secret bunkers. Shadowy Mafia figures. Nazi gold.

Dan Brown doesn't need to make shit up about these guys.

He rakes in the loot, too. He had to run back home to defend his horde after the cops seized 30,000,000 of his laundered dollars. That's about a buck for everybody he's helped kill in Africa.
He's “perplexed and amazed”, though,  as usual. So am I. Where did he get this $30 million? Maybe from when he stole the Croatian Treasury?

He's perplexed and amazed by a lot of things; like how could the cops investigate his crimes , or what a condom is for, or child abuse. Yeah, about that, "It is difficult to understand how this perversion of the priestly mission was possible," says he, and “These revelations were for me a shock ...” says he, when they've been a hallmark of the organization he heads for at least 1,950 years, and now he's in charge of them himself. Maybe he means the revelation that this time people aren't ignoring it.

He knows about Nazis but he doesn't understand what atheists are, he even pissed off the Hindus with that bit.
Remember this? Pissed off everybody in the Americas.
"In effect, the proclamation of Jesus and of his gospel did not at any point involve an alienation of the pre-Columbus cultures," the Pope said, "nor was it the imposition of a foreign culture." He added that a return to indigenous religions "would be a step back."
Here's one I didn't even know about: pissed me off.

Srsly? WTF? People pay money to go talk to this clueless stumblebum Dark Rider? Now that's something to be perplexed and amazed by. Maybe there's two or three people left in Spain that he hasn't insulted yet, let's see what he comes up with. My money's on something asinine about birth control. Or wait, maybe he'll defend the Inquisition, who knows?

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