Hail, Sol Invictus

 The Freedom From Religion Foundation placed an 8.5-foot-tall Scarlet A monument and banner in downtown Chicago. Here's the banner.

The text reads,
At this season of the Winter Solstice, we celebrate the Birth of the Unconquered Sun--the TRUE reason for the season.
Wait, what does that even mean? The Unconquered Sun, it turns out is Sol Invictus, one of the main gods of the old Romans.  One can only conclude that the stereotypical "militant atheists of the "FFRF worship the sun god.   They've been doing a good job of hiding it, but now that they've outed themselves as sun worshippers, will the christstains still call them godless?


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This brief article is 7 years old. Short but insightful I hope you still monitor this blog. What are your current thoughts on this matter?
P.s: Christian is misspelled.