Hail Satan

This should be good.  The ACLU is suing to get a Ten Commandments
monument removed from the Oklahoma City Capitol grounds, and now the Temple of Satan applied to donate a monument to go next to the 10 C's.  ROFL!

They've done this sort of thing before. Back when Rick Perry was pimping a bill to get prayer in school they

staged a Satanic rally thanking Rick Scott for endorsing a bill that allowed Satanism in schools, ensuring that children who might otherwise never learn of the Satanic creed could be exposed to it in the classroom. This was a harsh reminder that religious freedom applies to all, and the United States is a nation based upon religious pluralism.

More lulz--some of the ten commandments were spelled wrong

So what's the Temple of Satan about? Lucien Greaves explains

Religion can and should be a metaphorical narrative construct by which we give meaning and direction to our lives and works. Our religions should not require of us that we submit ourselves to unreason and untenable supernatural beliefs based on literal interpretations of fanciful tales. Non-believers have just as much right to religion—and any exemptions and privileges being part of a religion brings—as anybody else.

Well that sounds pretty interesting on a couple of fronts.

  • Churches aren't supposed to dabble in politics, ostensibly, and these guys are as much a political activist group as a church

  • They reject anything supernatural—yay, them—and most atheists I argue with  talk to insist that
    religion = belief in a supernatural deity 
    but they haven't objected that these Satanists aren't a real, atheist, religion. Awkward.

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